Kevin Halpin 4Lb 11oz Largemouth Bass 07-16-14Stripped Bass, Largemouth Bass, Trout, Crappie, Smallmouth Bass or Catfish, whatever your species, we have fishing tackle and fishing lures for you. Jerry’s Bait & Tackle offers name brand fishing Lures, Rods and Reels. We also stock some of the Freshest Live Bait in the area; Small, Medium & Large Shiners, Night Crawlers, Worms & Meal Worms. For the Salt Water enthusiast we have Live Eels and wide selection of frozen baits; Mackerel, Pogies, Herring, Squid, Clams.


Re-spooling with Fresh Fishing Line Milford MAJerry’s Bait & Tackle is strategically located for you to be “on the water” within minutes and for our Saltwater fishing friends, you can pick from our huge selection of saltwater tackle and Live eels so you can go straight to your favorite spot on the North Shore, South Shore, the Cape Cod Canal or Cape Cod itself. For more than 30 years, Jerry’s Bait & Tackle has prided itself with being a full service Bait & Tackle shop providing anglers over 5 thousand inventory items , fishing information and rod repair shop. Jerry’s Bait & Tackle has built its success by recognizing that “It’s the Service Before, During and most impotantly, *After* the Sale that Counts.”