9.3 Lb. Largemouth Bass Lake Whitehall

9.3 Lb. Largemouth Lake Whitehall
Although we can’t be sure if this 9.3 pound large-mouth bass caught by 13 year-old Jonathan Hood, is a record for a large-mouth bass for Lake Whitehall, we are still looking into it.

According to his Mom, who took the photo, Jonathan, a Hopkinton native, has loved fishing since he was four years-old. She also attested to the weight (inset).

Jonathan is a catch and release angler, who deferred smooching this beauty because of its size, and in order to get it back in the water quickly.

“I’ll catch him again when he weighs a little more,” said the middle school student.

courtesy of http://hopkintonnews.com/

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